Updated on February 1, 2023

Languages supported for transcription

UserBit's transcription module supports a variety of languages. Some features like speaker recognition are not available for certain languages. You can see the relevant information in the table below:

LanguageAutomatic PunctuationSpeaker Recognition
English (United States)✔️✔️
English (United Kingdom)✔️✔️
English (India)✔️✔️
English (Singapore)✔️✔️
Chinese, Mandarin (Simplified, China)✔️✔️
Czech (Czech Republic)✔️
Danish (Denmark)✔️
Dutch (Belgium)✔️
Dutch (Netherlands)✔️
Finnish (Finland)✔️
French (France)✔️✔️
German (Germany)✔️✔️
Indonesian (Indonesia)✔️
Italian (Italy)✔️✔️
Korean (South Korea)✔️
Portuguese (Brazil)✔️✔️
Russian (Russia)✔️✔️
Spanish (Spain)✔️✔️
Spanish (United States)✔️
Swedish (Sweden)✔️
Turkish (Turkey)✔️