Updated on May 13, 2024

A qualitative knowledge base for your stakeholders

Discovery illustration
Discovery illustration

What is UserBit's Discovery Portal?

Discovery Portal on UserBit gives your stakeholders a comprehensive view of your research findings. It is a separate space from your workspace that your team members or clients can access and explore. You can customize it however you want, and publish only what you approve.

The portal consists of two integral components:

  1. Themes
  2. Posts

A theme is a category or a bucket which can contain many posts within it. And posts are findings or assets from your research that your stakeholders can dig into. Here's a hierarchical view explaining the relationships between Themes and posts:

Discovery Portal hierarchy
Discovery Portal hierarchy

On the portal layout, themes make up the sidebar navigation where as the posts make up the main feed:

Discovery Portal layout
Discovery Portal layout

Why did we build the Discovery Portal?

If you have experience with UserBit workspaces, you know that there are a number of ways you can share assets from your research. So why did we build yet another way to keep your stakeholders in the loop? Excellent question! Here are a few of the many ways our Discovery Portal is the best way to share your research.

1. A clean space for clients or coworkers with no learning curve

Let's face it, workspaces can get messy. Repository projects can have too many tags, insights, etc. there might be a lot of rough copies of jounrey maps, etc.

Portal gives you the ability to publish final insights and assets from your workspace for your stakeholders to explore. You can select exactly what you want your coworkers or clients to see.

In addition, workspaces on UserBit have a learning curve. Professionals have to go through it because it helps them execute research and synthesis much faster. There's no reason for clients or teammates to go through that learning curve just to see your findings. The portal presents this information in a clean, simple manner so it is easy for them to make sense of the data.

2. An interactive experience for your stakeholders

Just because the portal layout is simple and easy to learn, does not mean that it is limited. Your coworkers or clients can dive into each post on the portal to explore the data behind the findings. This not only keeps them in the loop about what work is being done by your team, but also allows them to explore raw data to better understand your insights.

3. Customizable presentation

The portal is fully customizable with regards to how you want to present data. You create the themes and add posts to the theme in whatever order you prefer. You can even customize the branding for the portal.

4. Unified knowledge base

The portal can not only contain insights and other assets from multiple repository projects, but you can also publish journey maps, personas, userflows, etc directly to your themes along with relevant repository insights. This is the most comprehensive sharing solution on UserBit.

5. Secure

Unlike sharing via links, the portal requires your stakeholders to login using the same secure authentication framework that is leveraged by your workspace. This allows you to keep your knowledge base secure and private.