Updated on February 1, 2023

Real-time Communication System within Project

At UserBit, we have always understood the importance of remote collaboration which is why the entire UserBit platform features real-time updates. If you're working with a teammate, you'd have noticed that any change you make in your project is visible to the your teammate instantaneously making sure you are always in sync.

Today we are adding a comprehensive framework of real-time communication into the platform to make working together easier, no matter where you are located.

What can I add comments to?

Notes and Responses

You can add a comment bubble anywhere in an interview participant's response or your notes. Insert the bubble in the relevant place just like you add an image in your notes.

Add comment bubble from the floating menu
Add comment bubble from the floating menu
  • You can even drag the comment bubble around to place it next to the relevant part of the document.
  • You can add multiple comment threads to the same document
  • To delete the comment thread simply back space the comment bubble from document.
Comment inserted in editor
Comment inserted in editor


Add comment thread to tags by clicking on the button at the top right.

Add comment on tags
Add comment on tags


Add comment thread to personas by clicking on the button at the top right.

Add comment to personas
Add comment to personas

Journey Maps

Add comment thread to journey maps by clicking on the button at the top right.


Add comment thread to sitemaps by clicking on the button at the top right.

Top features of the comments infrastructure on UserBit

  • Comments are real-time so you and your teammates can have a live conversation.
  • You can @mention teammates that the project is accessible to.
  • Read-only teammates (Viewer) can also participate in comment threads.
  • Not working at the same time? You can catch up on all the missed messages via the new notification panel.

In these uncertain times, we're working hard to provide you and your team all the tools you need to continue your workflow. Wishing you, your loved ones and your team good health in the coming weeks.