Updated on April 2, 2023

Configure Single Sign-On (SSO)

Things your identity provider needs from us

Service Provider Entity ID

Other names: Audience URI
It is a unique identifier for UserBit.
Value to use: https://userbit.com


Other names: Reply URL, Single sign-on URL, Authorization callback URL, Assertion consumer service URL
The Endpoint to which Identity Provider will send SAML responses.
Value to use: https://userbitapp.firebaseapp.com/__/auth/handler

Things UserBit needs from you

IDP Display Name

Company name or something your employees/coworkers will recognize when the sign up. Example: Google, Inc.

Provider Entity ID

Other names Identity Provider Issuer
Unique identifier for your identity provider - Could be a URI.


Other names IDP URL, SAML endpoint
Your identity provider endpoint to authenticate. Is a URI.

X.509 Certificate

Other names IDP Certificate
Base 64 SAML signing certificate. Must start with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----", and end with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----".