Updated on May 13, 2024

Leverage AI to automate tedious tasks in UX

UserBit leverages cutting-edge AI solutions to enhance your UX workflow. Let's go through a quick overview of the various AI driven enhancements that you can leverage within UserBit:

Automations on UserBit
Automations on UserBit


When you generate a transcription on UserBit, one of the first things you'll notice is the accuracy of the transcription far surpasses anything you can find in other places. This is because our transcription service is re-inforced with UserBit's AI model. It is not only freakishly accurate but it also guesses words that might've gotten cut off or overlapped by ambient noise. Try it!

Automatically highlighting content

On UserBit, you can ask AI to read and automatically highlight relevant content. For example, you can ask AI to highlight all the feature requests within a note or across responses. UserBit not only creates the relevant tags, but also automatically creates the required highlights for you.

Generate title and summary for your insights

You never have to feel at loss for words while creating your insights on UserBit. Just add the relevant highlights to a new insight then ask UserBit AI to summarize the finding and find an appropriate title.

Generate insights for your entire project

Let's say you have gone through the hard work of coding and tagging your data and you have a ton of highlights. You can now ask UserBit to read through your highlights and aggregate them into themes/patterns. UserBit will not only perform the aggregation, but also generate insights with the relevant highlights attached.

These powerful automations should make your life as a UX professional a lot easier.

⚠️ AI can make mistakes. Always double check your automations' results.