Updated on February 1, 2023

Editor Tag Menu (or Tagger)

The feature that makes UserBit editors really powerful is the ability to highlight any part of the note with your research tags.

Ability to tag text content within notes
Ability to tag text content within notes

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Select some text then hit ⇥ (tab) to enter the tagger panel
  • Press ⬆⬇ (arrow keys) to navigate the tag list
  • Press enter to select
  • Press ⌫ (backspace) to go back to the last screen
  • Press esc key to exit the tagger
  • Press alt + enter on the search field, to create new tags

Creating new tag from the tag menu

You can use the tag menu bubble to also create new tags while analyzing your data.

  • New tags created from the default tagger screen endup in the un-categorized bucket.
  • If you navigate to a tag group within the tagger and create the tag there, it'll end up in that particular group.