Updated on March 29, 2022

Global Tag Boards

ℹ️ Since global tags can effect multiple projects at a time. Only admins and owners of the workspace can edit/create global tag boards.

Global tag boards allow you to stay consistent with your tags across projects. Global boards can be imported into any project and are very helpful when it comes to cross-project analytics.

#Global Tag Boards

#Creating new board

Creating global boards is similar to creating tags within a project. Navigate to Workspace > Tags then create / manage your boards there.

Global tag boards
Global tag boards

#Save existing tag board as global

You might be wondering:

What if I already have a project with all my tags set up which I want to use in other projects?

In order to do that, UserBit allows you to save local tag boards in the global space.

Global tag boards
Global tag boards

#Always in sync

We know how important consistency is when it comes to tagging user research. So, as you create or modify tags on the global board, the local projects (wherever these boards have been imported) will automatically be updated to keep them in sync and consistent.

#Deleting global boards or tags

Since global tag boards can be imported in multiple projects, deleting the global tag or board does not delete them from the projects where they are used.

Instead, when a global board or tag is deleted, they are unlinked from the respective local (project) tags. Imported boards/groups/tags are converted to local instances and can be managed (modified/deleted) on the project level.

Global tag boards
Global tag boards

The global tag boards give your research another level of organization and structure. It is specially effective in staying consistent as the number of research projects that you work on grows.