Updated on May 29, 2024

Posts on Client Portal

Posts are the atomic bits from your research that you want your stakeholders to see. It could be a finding (insight), research asset (eg. list of interviews) or a deliverable (eg. journey map). You can collate posts by publishing them under the same theme, to give your coworkers or clients a complete story.

What can a Client Portal post contain?

The portal posts are really versatile and allow you to publish a variety of assets from your workspace. Here's a comprehensive list of what they may contain:

Managing posts

Creating posts

For assets that can be published to the portal, you'll see a Publish to Client Portal menu item:

Publish to Client Portal menu item
Publish to Client Portal menu item

This will launch the publish modal that will ask you to choose what theme to publish this post to. You may also be optionally asked to enter a post title and description.

Once published, the post will automatically show up under the desired theme in the Client Portal.

Updating posts

For any post created from within repository projects (insight posts), updating the relevant insights automatically updates the post as well.

Deleting posts

To delete an existing post, navigate to your Client Portal manager section:

Manage discovery posts
Manage discovery posts

Click on Manage posts on the relevant theme row. This will open up the post manager modal. Here you can delete the selected post by clicking on the trash 🗑️ icon.

Delete discovery posts
Delete discovery posts

Reordering posts

From the same post manager modal, you can also re-order your posts by simply dragging and dropping them into position.

As we mentioned above, there are a few different kinds of posts that you can create. In the next few pages, we'll dive deeper into these types of posts.