Updated on May 13, 2024

Purchase extra transcription hours

UserBit offers a certain amount of free transcription hours to paying customers and the ability to purchase more transcription to all users. The table below shows how the free hours are allocated.

PlanMonthly BillingYearly Billing
Pro5 hrs / month60 hrs / year
Pro Unlimited10 hrs / month120 hrs / year

The hours are front loaded per pay period. So for enterprise account you get 120 hours to use however you want throughout the year.

Remaining Hours

You can keep tabs on how many hours you have remaining in your account by going to Settings > Workspace > Plan.

Account transcription status
Account transcription status

This status bar is also visible on the transcription modal to remind you if you're reaching your allocated limit.

Purchase Extra Hours

Plan owners can purchase more transcription hours at any time from the plan area. They will also be prompted to buy transcription when they try to run a new transcription if the free transcription allocation is depleted.

Purchase extra hours of transcription
Purchase extra hours of transcription

Extra hours can be purchased at the price of $25 / 5 hours. Any extra hours not used up within the billing period is rolled over to the next billing period.