Updated on February 1, 2023

Highlight Tags

Highlight tags on UserBit are tags that are added to the text content of the qualitative data. These tags usually represent behavioral attributes like pain points, motivations, or feature requests.

Highlight tag examples
Highlight tag examples

Interview Responses

Tagging responses and notes
Tagging responses and notes

To add a tag to relevant text in interview responses, simply select the portion - this will show the tagger popup. Once you select the relevant tag, the highlighted portion will now be tagged.


Just like interviews, you can also add highlight tags to notes by selecting a portion of the text. Notes can also be attached to participants. So they are great for free form interviews or observations.


Video highlights
Video highlights

When you add tags to transcription text, the highlight not only contains the selected text, but also the video or audio clip that the selected text is referring to.

Survey Responses

Highlight tags on survey responses apply to the entire response. UserBit's survey module is designed for large surveys containing thousands of responses. Therefore, for performance reasons, the highlighting mechanism is slightly different here than Notes or responses.

As you're adding highlight tags within your project, UserBit automatically keeps track of the following:

  • Number of times the highlight has been used.
  • Which participant's response/note was this highlight created in.
  • What segment this participant belonged to.

This makes analyzing your coded data a breeze.