Updated on May 13, 2024

Automatically highlight notes, responses, and even transcriptions

On UserBit you can leverage AI to tag qualitative content automatically.

Let AI automatically highlight relevant snippets for you
Let AI automatically highlight relevant snippets for you

Types of Analysis

There are a few different kinds of analsis you can ask AI to perform to tag your content:

Tag categories and tags are automatically created by AI
Tag categories and tags are automatically created by AI

Sentiment analysis

When you choose Sentiment Analysis, AI model will read through the feedback/note and highlight snippets that clearly convey a positive or a negative sentiment. UserBit will also create the tag category and relevant tags for you automatically.

Pain point analysis

When you run the pain points automation, AI model will dive into the relevant content and highlight snippets that represent:

  • Explicit mentions of difficulties or frustrations
  • Negative emotional expressions
  • Unmet needs or desires

As with sentiment analysis, the tag category and tags will be automatically generated when you run this automation for the first time.

Feature request analysis

For feature requests, AI highlights snippets that represent:

  • Direct feature asks
  • Workaround descriptions
  • Conditional statements like "If only it could...", "I'd use it more often if...", etc.

Appropriate tags will automatically be created by UserBit automatically.

What qualitative data can AI tag for me in UserBit?

You can run any of the create-highlights automation on the following assets within your UserBit project:

1. Notes

You can run the automation on any of your notes in the Notes & Media section. You can access the automation feature from the dropdown at the top right.

Automation dropdown on top of notes
Automation dropdown on top of notes

2. Transcriptions

Same as the note, you can access the automation from the top right of the transcription.

3. Interview Responses

To run the analysis on responses to a given interview question. Navigate to Interviews > Groups (tab) > Relevant interview group. Here click on the question whose responses you want to tag.

At the top-right of the cross-case analysis page, you'll see the automation dropdown.

Automation dropdown on top of interview question
Automation dropdown on top of interview question

Un-doing highlights created by AI

Large language AI models are rapidly evolving. This means they can sometimes make mistakes or maybe you ran the analysis just to test but it created a ton of highlights. Do you now have to manually remove each highlight? Nah! You know our team has got your back. We've added a way to quickly undo an automation right in the automation dropdown itself. To undo an automation:

  1. Access automation history from the dropdown menu.
Automation history
Automation history
  1. On the resulting modal, you can undo any automation from the automation history.
Automation history
Automation history